Trying to Simplify the Way We Register and Deposit to Online Casinos in Canada

Trying to Simplify the Way We Register and Deposit to Online Casinos in CanadaWhen online casinos first began popping up online it was fairly easy to register an account and make a deposit. Back then you only needed a valid credit card and you were on your way. Over time online gambling became more regulated and operators would need to apply for a valid gambling license such as the ones issued by the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) in order to continue operating legally. This also meant each operator would now need to abide by strict laws in order to retain their licenses.

Today operators are required to know their customers much better than they ever did. This forces the casinos to now demand multiple documents in order to verify a players age, address and even their occupation so they can confirm the player is of legal age to gamble. These rules and regulations have increased the time it takes a player to start gambling and has turned many players away from completing the process. Many gamblers will simply bail out at some point between opening an account with a new online casino and having to submit all their personal documents in order to have them validated just so they can make their first deposit.

Trying to Simplify the Process

One European based company out of Sweden called Pay N Play is out to change the way things work and help speed up the process for players looking to sign up and make a deposit without having to wait too long and send in all sorts of personal documents meant to help the online casino confirm who you are.

Pay N Play has gained immense popularity in countries like Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Germany. The way it works is that it allows players to register an account with an online casino that offers the payment service without forcing the player to send in all kinds of documents or scans of their personal id cards.

When a player signs up with Pay N Play their account gets linked to their personal bank accounts. By using the bank account details to verify the players information and age the online casino can accept the player and allow them to make a deposit without any further verification required by the online casinos.

Unfortunately using a payment service like Pay N Play for an online casino can on the one hand increase more player sign ups as now more people can gain easier access to depositing and playing without no hassle. On the other hand, the casino does not obtain any personal information on the player such email, home address or phone number which prevents the casino from sending any promotional offers or informing the player of any new offers or special events.

In order to avoid this scenario online casinos who chose to accept payment options like Pay N Play will need to find creative ways to reach their players or find better ways to get players to sign up to newsletters and promotional offers in order to find a happy balance.

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