Ontario Will be Launching a New Casino in 2021

Ontario Will be Launching a New Casino in 2021This past year it was revealed that Gateway Casinos and Entertainment the biggest private operator of casinos in Canada will be constructing a band new state of the art luxury casino complex in London Ontario’s south end. This new casino is expected to be one of the biggest casinos in the province and will cost approximately 75 million dollars to construct. Starlight Casino is expected to create some 700 new jobs for residents in and around the area where the casino will be built.

Although many Canadians are choosing to play online, the opening of Starlight Casino demonstrates there is still a high demand for land-based casino experiences. The popularity of online casinos has seen a steady increase over the years due in big part to access to better technology and access to faster internet speeds. Despite the fact that more Canadians can gamble than ever before, online casinos still can’t fully replicate the experience of land-based casinos.

What visitors can expect at the new Starlight Casino

The new casino will be housed in a 9,290 square meter location. Casino lovers visiting Starlight Casino can expect to find over 40 different table games as well as 900 slot machines and progressive jackpots. The casino will also feature a few different restaurants and live music and performances.  According to the Chamber of Commerce CEO the location of the casino which is situated where the 401 and 402 meet is one of the busiest trade corridors in the world. He believes the location is of strategic importance to Gateway Casinos and Entertainment and the province of Ontario.

The rise in popularity of online casinos

Online casinos have been around since the late 90’s. Over the years they have seen a steady increase in growth and revenue around the world. One of the biggest draws to online casinos is the ease of access in playing. In the years prior to online casinos Canadians wishing to enjoy a little gambling fun would need to find the closest land-based casino to them. Best case scenario they would need to drive anywhere from a few mins to a couple of hours to get there. In many cases people would have no access to any casino and would therefore need to take a vacation somewhere far in order to gamble a little or just couldn’t. Online casinos gave these people the option to play from the comfort of their own homes. You would think with all the ease of access to play and fancy graphics and gameplay mechanics people would stop going to land-based casinos. You would be wrong.

Why land-based casinos are still relevant

There is a special kind of feeling and experience when you visit a land-based casino with all the special sights and sounds. Dressing up and going to watch a show and eat dinner then enjoy some gambling fun. The appeal of land-based casinos will never be fully replicated online. Companies like Gateway Casinos also see the potential which is why they are excited to move ahead with the launch of Starlight Casino. We can’t wait to see what they in store.

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