How to Stay Safe and Secure When Gambling Online

How to Stay Safe and Secure When Gambling OnlineIn 2019 staying safe and secure while gambling online has become more important than ever. Today there are over 35 million Canadians online and by 2023 it’s expected that around 99% of Canadians will be online. We conduct so much of our lives online including managing our bank account and finances, making purchases online and managing our social media accounts that’s easy to forget how vulnerable we can be if we don’t pay attention and take the necessary precautions. We put this article together to help you stay safe and secure when you play at your favourite online casino.

Get Informed Before You Signup and Deposit

Many online casinos catering to Canadian players have some great welcome offers and an exciting variety of games but sometimes we need to look further and do a little research before we signup and spend our hard-earned money. recommends you read some reviews on the potential online casino. There are plenty of sites with reviews as well as user comments from players like you who have already played there and can help you better understand what to expect. We also recommend visiting the website to see if the site is licensed and regulated. Sites with licenses such as a UKGC license are held to higher standards and can be fined or even lose their license in the event too many players complain about them. It is also recommended to look over the T&C’s of the prospective offer to look for information such as minimum deposit amount and what are the specific wagering requirements. Taking a few minutes to research some information can make a huge difference and help you to better make an informed decision. No one wants to find out they can’t withdraw their winnings due to some hidden requirements you didn’t meet.

Beware of Shady Email Offers

In our never-ending quest to find the best offers and hottest online casinos many of use have probably signed up to newsletters and different mailing lists to make sure we don’t miss a thing. With so many email offers flooding our inboxes it hard to know which ones are worth taking and which ones are a scam. First of, we recommend you look at the email address of the person or online casino who is sending you the offer. Anyone can make their name look like someone you recognize such as a trusted online casino you regularly play at. The email address can’t be changed and therefore you will see something that doesn’t make sense. For example, if you receive an email from Apple support however the email address was something like then you would immediately delete it as it doesn’t belong to Apple.

We also recommend never downloading any attachments. If you receive a casino offer that asks you download and install something delete the email right away. No online casino requires you download anything in order to claim a bonus or free spins. If you are still weary you can visit the site directly instead of clicking the email link to see if the offer on the site matches the email.

Stay vigilante of where you deposit, and which online casino offers you decide to claim and be sure to visit regularly for more articles and news in the world of online casinos aimed at Canadian gamblers.

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