Favourtie Casino Themed Movies

Favourtie Casino Themed MoviesWith so much free time on our hands we started thinking of fun ways to pass the time. Lately one of those fun pass times has been watching some of our favourite casino themed movies. That got us thinking which ones we were great and which ones were a complete bust. That’s why we decided to compile a list of our top five favourite casino films. Who knows maybe you’ll find one you might have missed?

Casino 1995

The movie takes place in the early 1970’s in Las Vegas. Sam “Ace” Rothstein played by the legendary actor Robert De Niro is given the opportunity to head the Tangiers Casino. At first, he proves to be a huge success helping the casino increase it’s profits. However, over the years he get into repeated problems with his loose-cannon enforcer Nicky Santoro played by Joe Pesci. Ace also needs to deal with his wife Ginger played by Sharon Stone and her con-artist ex Lester Diamond played by James wood. There is no doubt this movie has some serious star power and it’s no wonder this movie has made the list.

The Hangover 2009

The Hangover is a classic movie casino themed comedy. Two days before Doug played by Justin Bartha is supposed to get married his three best friends played by Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis decided to head down to Vegas for a bachelor party for the ages. When they wake the next morning, Doug is nowhere to be found and no one can remember a thing. His friends set off on a mission to retrace their steps in order to find Doug and get him back to his wedding on time.

Oceans 11 2001

Danny Ocean played by George Clooney is man recently released from prison and looking to get back into the game. Less than 24 hours after being released he already begins hatching his next plan. He starts to put a crew together so they can rob the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas. Together they take on the owner of the Bellagio played by Andy Garcia with their elaborate scheme.

Molly’s Game 2018

This movie is based on the true story of Molly Bloom, a young Olympic skier hopeful who ends up running the world’s most exclusive and high-stakes poker tournaments. She winds up getting arrested by the FBI who is secretly investigating her. Her tournaments included famous people, celebrities and business titans with deep pockets. In the end the only one she can rely on is her defence lawyer

Rain Man 1988

When sleazy car dealer Charlie Babbitt played by Tom Cruise learns of his father’s dead he must return home to sort his affairs. Once there he learns about his autistic older brother Raymond played by Dustin Hoffman. Charlie soon realises Raymond can count cards in head and they both head out to Las Vegas where Charlie plans to use his brother’s special skills to make some money at the casinos. Along the way Charlie soon develops a deep connection with his brother and decides he want him to move in with him so he can take care of him and be with his family.

So which movie to you like best? What are you favourite casino themed movies? Let us know if we missed any and be sure to visit us for more fun articles and reviews like this.

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